About Us
Precision Conveyor Technologies is the leading manufacturer of turnkey chain-on-edge conveyor painting/finishing systems worldwide.  We are a small family business incorporated in 1990 and located in Perry Ohio.  Our specialized and unique equipment designs, thorough engineering, and high quality workmanship have allowed us to thrive for the last 25 years with continued growth assured.  Our customers are located primarily throughout the United States, and range from family-run to Fortune 500 businesses.
About the Job
We are seeking two additional key members of our organization for an opportunity to learn and grow with us.  The position allows you to become deeply involved in our business, by working closely with our engineers and production department.  You will be involved in all aspects of our business from sales, engineering and purchasing, to manufacturing and testing.  This unique engineering position requires long-term, on-the-job learning by experience.
Level I & Level II Draftsman Mandatory Skills and Experience:
Minimum 2 years experience creating detailed production drawings 
Excellent AutoCad 2D skills
Great mechanical aptitude
Ability to handle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment
Ability to use current ANSI drafting procedures
Good communication skills
Good computer skills
Level II Draftsman Mandatory Skills and Experience (in addition to above)
Experience with complex mechanical assembly design (2-5 years)
Experience managing mechanical design projects from start to finish (2-5 years)
Experience managing additional draftsman
Example technologies you’d be involved with:
Liquid and Powder Coating Systems
Machine Automation (Vision Systems, Robotics, Pick and Place)
Electrical Controls (Motor Control, Variable Freq Drives, HMI / Operator Interface, PLC’s, Sensors, Advanced Motor Control / Servos / Encoders)
Pneumatic (Controls, Actuation)
Power Transmission (Chain, Sprockets, Belts, Gears, Gearboxes, Bearings, Linear Motion)
General Manufacturing (Machining, Laser & Waterjet Cutting, Welding and Fabrication, Plating/Finishing, Sheet Metal)
Fluid/Paint Application Equipment (Spray Booths, Pumps, Pressure Post, Manifolds, Controls, Spray Guns)
Process Ovens (Insulated Panels, Electric and Gas Heating Systems and Components, Fans and Blowers)
Other (Hazardous Location Equipment Design, Guarding and Machine Safety, Fasteners and Fittings, Specialty Materials)

We offer a competitive wage based on skills and experience, in addition to health benefits and paid vacation.  Email resume to jobs@precisionconveyor.com for consideration.

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