Precision Conveyor's Rotary Indexing Auto Spray Table offers an inexpensive alternative to manually spray painting small parts by hand. the table is portable, built for use in spray booths / hazardous locations, and is allows for increased production, quality, and consistancy versus spray-painting individually by hand.

Table sequence of operation:

  1. Operator loads product onto spindles
  2. Product indexes in front of fixed spray gun
  3. Rotate product in front of spray gun(s)
  4. Trigger spray gun(s) for a preset period of time
  5. Index coated product back to operator *
  6. Operator unloads sprayed part, and loads new bare part to be coated next

* Number of spindles and time between indexes can vary to allow coating to dry before unload.



  • Rotating parts while spraying allow for better finish
  • Portable and easily stored when not in use
  • Built in pneumatic spray gun control 
  • Simply connect compressed air, and table is ready to operate
  • Highly customizable for your specific application requirements
  • Contact us for more information

Example table drawing:


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