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We build solutions for your finishing needs. From testing, design and manufacturing to installation, operator training and on-going service, our staff of engineers, technicians, fabricators and installers have the knowledge and experience to build you a quality, state-of-the-art, cost effective Chain-On-Edge Spindle Conveyor Finishing System. 

Some example product coated:

  • API and premium oil field pipe couplings
  • Military projectiles
  • Automotive / truck wheel coating
  • Rubber to metal bonded parts
  • Teflon coated cookware
  • Various others

Some example coatings applied:

  • LORD Chemlok
  • Teflon coating
  • Kalcor
  • Various solvent or water based liquid coatings
  • Various powder coatings
  • Various UV curable coatings

Each Finishing System is custom designed and specifically built for use with our Chain-On-Edge Spindle Conveyors. System Components are state-of-the-art, energy efficient and constructed to last. They are modular in design for ease of shipment, installation, operation and maintenance.  Custom conveyor types are available as well.

 paint kitchens pressure pots 55 gallon drums
55-gallon drum fluid delivery system
 liquid and powder coating application systems
HVLP spray application
Powder coating steel truck wheels

Precision Conveyor has over 50 years of experience in designing and implementing fluid application systems for conveyorized process systems. We use components from all major manufacturers, cherry-picking the best brands out there to provide our customers with robust, reliable and easy to maintain fluid application systems.

Liquid coating technologies:

  • Simple agitated pressure pot fluid/paint delivery systems
  • 55-gallon circulating pumping systems for airless or air-assisted airless spray technologies
  • Automatic fluid temperature, pressure, and viscosity control systems
  • Automatic color change systems
  • 2k fluid systems
  • Meter, mix and dispense systems
  • Robotic spray systems
  • Omega loop with rotary spray
  • Electrostatic rotary atomizers
  • Electrostatic liquid spray
  • Air Spray, Airless, Air-Assisted Airless, HVLP, and Air-brush -type spray guns
  • ID spray systems to coat the inside of tube, pipe, and other cylindrical parts
  • Paint kitchens and paint mix rooms

Powder coating technologies:

Please contact a sales engineer today for free consultation for your specific application. Precision Conveyor works with industry leaders in powder delivery and application systems to provide integrated Chain-On-Edge powder coating systems. Our turnkey systems provide coating, curing, cooling, and pre-treatment where required.

spindle-conveyor-fixturing.jpgPrecision Conveyor will custom design part fixturing / part holders for your specific part to run on our chain-on-edge systems.  We have years of experience with various design concepts, materials, and manufacturing processes.  

Our designs focus on:

  • Simple, inexpensive, and efficient part holders
  • Long lasting and easy to clean
  • Easy to load and unload. 

We also optimize our process layouts to minimize the number of tools required, and to minimize the wear and tear and contamination that is common on conveyorized paint finishing systems.

Contact us today for a free consultation on your specific requirements.

dry filter ans water wash spray boothsOptimized Design

  • Reduced air make-up requirements and operating costs due to enhanced air flow designs
  • Improve finish, and reduce over-spray
  • Booths designed specifically for chain-on-edge applications
  • Easy maintenance with full size access doors, roll out filter media, and over spray collection baffle system
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge construction with modular base frame design


  • Dry filter (cross draft, or down draft)
  • 80/20 circulation booths allows for up 80% reduction in exhaust air make up requirements
  • Water wash for high production (with centrifuge options to collect waste for ease of disposal)
  • UV coatings reclaim options
  • Powder Coating (spray to waste or reclaim)


  • Minimized operating costs due to energy efficient designs
  • Speedy on-site installation with our modular equipment designs
  • Fully assembled and tested at Precision for customer review and approval before shipping
online washers for chain on edge


Precision Conveyor designs and manufacturers pretreat process equipment for use on our Chain-On-Edge Conveyors.  Processes include preheat ovens (convection, electric infrared, others), industrial parts washers (high pressure & multi-stage) with integrated parts and conveyor blow-off/drying ovens to eliminate washer fluid carry-out.  

Other custom processes include parts blow-off and destat processing. 

electric gas infrared convection preheat dry cure ovens


We specialize in paint drying, curing, and cooling process equipment. Standard designs are custom configured for your product and process and allow for flexible, reliable, and cost effective processes that are highly-energy efficient.  All our process equipment is built using a modular configuration for fast and reliable onsite setup.

Precision Conveyor builds various types of ovens including high velocity convection (natural gas, electric, and steam), and infrared (medium to longwave, medium wave, and shortwave), along with other specialty ovens (induction, ext.).  All our paint drying and curing ovens are built to NFPA Class A requirements, and natural gas fuel systems follow Factory Mutual safety standards.

Vertical ID spray gun mover
Precision Conveyor's Chain-On-Edge design allows for various type of spray gun automation.  Accurate and stable part positioning allows for high-accuracy ID coating, close tolerance online automated stenciling, and small airbrush markings.

Some gun automation options:

  • Reciprocators
  • Part follower / conveyor tracking
  • Automatic positioners
  • ID spraying
Projectile band mask system
Precision Conveyor believes in keeping part masking as simple as possible. Spray painting is a mess and the more complicated masking and mechanisms, the harder to maintain and keep in good working order. Please contact us today for help with your specific spray masking application.


  • Customized for your production requirements
  • Part masking integrated into tooling & fixturing
  • Automated mask installation and removal
  • Automated spray mask cleaning


Precision Conveyor focuses on simple, easy to use operator controls for our conveyors and paint finishing systems.  We are experts in controlling paint finishing systems, and designing electrical controls for use in hazardous painting / solvent laden environments.

Standard features:

  • Touchscreen operator interface for cost effective advanced machine control
  • Easy to use operator functions to minimize operator training
  • Password protected maintenance functions to keep advanced features and settings protected
  • Basic fault detection system for simplified system debug
  • Recipe management systems to simplify system settings management

Optional features:

  • Remote access and remote process monitoring systems
  • Camera monitoring system
  • Custom specialized process controls

Read more: System Controls


Precision Conveyor designs all our finishing systems and conveyors to be simply and quickly installed at the end users facility.  We pre-assemble, pre-wire, and pre-test at our facility prior to shipment to ensure a smooth installation.


  • In-house installation crew for speedy & accurate installs
  • Turnkey installation services
  • On-site equipment start-up and operator training 
  • Customized equipment documentation
  • Detailed maintenance schedules

We have been in business for over 25 years, and pride ourselves in building quality equipment and servicing that equipment for years to come.  We have happy and satisfied customers located all over the United States and the world.

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