• Minimized operating costs due to energy efficient designs
  • Speedy on-site installation with our modular equipment designs
  • Fully assembled and tested at Precision for customer review and approval before shipping
online washers for chain on edge


Precision Conveyor designs and manufacturers pretreat process equipment for use on our Chain-On-Edge Conveyors.  Processes include preheat ovens (convection, electric infrared, others), industrial parts washers (high pressure & multi-stage) with integrated parts and conveyor blow-off/drying ovens to eliminate washer fluid carry-out.  

Other custom processes include parts blow-off and destat processing. 

electric gas infrared convection preheat dry cure ovens


We specialize in paint drying, curing, and cooling process equipment. Standard designs are custom configured for your product and process and allow for flexible, reliable, and cost effective processes that are highly-energy efficient.  All our process equipment is built using a modular configuration for fast and reliable onsite setup.

Precision Conveyor builds various types of ovens including high velocity convection (natural gas, electric, and steam), and infrared (medium to longwave, medium wave, and shortwave), along with other specialty ovens (induction, ext.).  All our paint drying and curing ovens are built to NFPA Class A requirements, and natural gas fuel systems follow Factory Mutual safety standards.

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