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Chain-on-Edge Spindle Conveyors & Complete Finishing Systems

Precision Conveyor Technologies designs, engineers and manufactures chain-on-edge conveyors and complete painting / coating systems for the finishing industry. We focus on the solution—what matters to you. That’s why our customers depend on us as a partner to help them meet their production goals, while increasing quality, efficiency, and profitability through automation.

Please explore our capabilities listed below, along with our unique chain-on-edge design, downloadable documentation, and videos.


Liquid Paint Systems

chain-on-edge spindle conveyor painting, banding, and stenciling system for API and premium pipe couplings

Powder Coat Systems

powder coating on chain-on-edge spindle conveyor

Chain-On-Edge Conveyors

chain-on-edge detenting spindle conveyor for coating guitar bodies

Custom Conveyor Processes

Conveyor System Automation

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