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What is a Chain-On-Edge Conveyor

General Description of Chain-On-Edge (COE):

A Chain-On-Edge (COE) conveyor operates by using a roller chain horizontally on a single plane within a process. This conveyor design incorporates vertical spindles positioned regularly along the chain to serve as attachment points for transporting parts throughout the process. On a COE conveyor, parts are typically affixed to the top of these conveyor spindles.

Our Unique Chain-On-Edge Design:

Precision Conveyor’s unique Chain-On-Edge design stands out due to several innovative features:

  • Self-Cleaning Wheels: Our COE conveyors feature self-cleaning wheels that maintain very low friction, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Upper Spindle Bearings: To facilitate stable part processing, our design includes upper spindle bearings.
  • Enclosed Track: Precision Conveyor encloses the chain, wheels, and spindles within a track for operator safety and to protect against contamination.
what is a chain-on-edge conveyor

Precision Conveyor offers a variety of COE spindle options to suit different processing requirements:

  • Fixed Orientation Spindles: These spindles remain static and do not rotate, suitable for applications requiring a consistent orientation of attached parts.
  • Driven Spindles: Our COE conveyors feature spindles driven by sprockets or belts, enabling controlled rotation of attached parts as they move along the conveyor.
  • Detented Spindles: Precision Conveyor’s COE systems can also incorporate detented spindles, allowing for precise rotation in specific increments, ideal for assembly or processing tasks.

Our COE conveyor designs are versatile, handling a wide range of part sizes and weights, from lightweight to heavy parts. Precision Conveyor engineers COE systems to optimize workflows and ensure reliable performance in harsh manufacturing environments.

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