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Chain-On-Edge Spindle Conveyors

We specialize in Chain-On-Edge Spindle Conveyors, the heart of our Painting/Coating Systems, and offer sizes to handle a full range of product. From small light parts, to large heavy tall parts, up to 200 lbs and 48" high, each Chain-On-Edge Spindle Conveyor System is custom configured with modular components to meet your facility and process requirements.

Our design is unique to the Finishing Industry, it is extremely durable, stable, accurate, and low friction and is designed specifically for the demanding conditions of high production finishing, coating and processing.

Conveyor Options:

  • Indexing and/or continuous conveyor operation
  • For use in powder or liquid applications
  • Standard duty and heavy duty versions
  • Stainless Steel and Hydro-Service

Spindle Options:

  • Free-rotating
  • Non-rotating
  • Detent-type in 90 or 180 degree increments (custom increments available as well)

What is a Chain-On-Edge Conveyor:

A Chain-On-Edge Conveyor (COE) features a roller chain operating horizontally on a single plane within a processing environment. Vertical spindles are positioned at regular intervals along the chain, serving as attachment points for processing products.

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Our COE Design

We have brought to the industry a design that has taken over 30 years to develop and perfect. Today we work with many OEM's and System Integrators utilizing our Chain-on-Edge Spindle Conveyors. Our design has proven to be the best choice for the demanding conditions of finishing.

Many Chain-On-Edge Conveyors designs, other than ours, are utilized today in the finishing industry. Some examples:

  • Drag types with wear strips
  • Top of track cart types 
  • Inverted overhead conveyor types 
  • Plastic channel guided types
  • Hollow pin chain back-to-back channel/angle track
  • Oversized roller chain type
  • Copycat v-wheel types
  • The list goes on and on...

While these designs are adequate for some applications, unlike our design, most are limited in load capacity, product stability, durability, chain length, and positioning accuracy. 

example of various parts our chain-on-edge spindle conveyors are designed to process

Precision Conveyor Technologies Chain-On-Edge Spindle Conveyors are Designed to Process Various Parts

Examples of parts we've designed systems for


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